Insurance companies are usually using “average” formulas to determine policy payouts, and related premium fees this process called actuary.
If you are a dangerous driver you may benefit from this simple method, however, most of us, regular, fairly safe drivers are actually overpaying their plans and hence helping insurance companies to subsidize the rates for dangerous drivers. Regular drivers without DUI’s and that are driving less than 50 miles/day should pay much lower rates: check if you are qualified

Generally speaking it is always good to check what out there and compare to your current plan, this way you will probably save money or at least know you are fine!

Consumer testimonials:

Jacklyn NY
Haven’t had a DUI in 5 years, I am saving close to 50% on my auto insurance I wish i knew it before

Sam Georgia
I am a school teacher and driving only 10 miles per day I am saving 60% Now i am not driving at all (other then to the grocery store) and not working too much I love this money staying in my pocket

But, if you belong to the other group, younger drivers or happened to have a DUI in the last 5 years you should read this article

Sadly enough, your insurance agent will not tell you this, they will not tell you that if you actually use your insurance you won’t be able to renew it, or you are probably going to pay much more. They will also not tell you that you may actually get a much better coverage at a lower price if you go directly, but we should not blame them, it is their business. You are lucky to have found this, you are welcome to share this with your friends and family. Share via:… You are also welcome to contact us at any time: using this form

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